Foreclosure Defense

A foreclosure proceeding brought against you DOES NOT mean you have to lose your home.  The reality is that many banks fail to follow the proper procedures in bringing a foreclosure proceeding against a homeowner and that homeowners have rights to defend against these proceedings.  In fact, there are Federal and State laws that protect you against a foreclosure proceeding and there are many successful defenses to a foreclosure.  These defenses may result in legally holding back the foreclosure proceeding allowing you time to resolve the matter and keep your home.

Some of the defenses that may result in dismissing the foreclosure proceeding or legally delaying the sale of your home are:

1) The bank claims you owe more money than you really do because they inflate amounts owed or add unrealistic fees.

2) The mortgage company bringing the foreclosure action against you may not be the same institution that loaned you the money in the first place.

3) Certain laws require banks and mortgage companies to fill out foreclosure papers in a VERY specific manner and if they fail to fill them out properly, you may be able to have the proceeding dismissed.

4) Lenders fail to adhere to essential consumer protection laws.

5) Fraud by the lender such as promising that they will re-finance your loan after a period of time and then they refuse to do so.

6) Predatory lending tactics by the lender.

If you are facing a foreclosure proceeding, don’t worry and be sure to explore all your options by contacting The Green Law Group for a free consultation.

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