A Sandwich Giant Stays Afloat

Quizno's Escaped Filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

For once, the news has kind things to say about bankruptcy. Recent months have seen legendary American businesses like American Airlines, Kodak Eastman, Hostess, and many others file for bankruptcy protection. However, it looks as if one popular American restaurant franchise has dodged the bankruptcy bullet. Quizno’s sandwiches, a submarine sandwich chain, recently restructured its

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words; Kodak Filing for Bankruptcy

Kodak filing for bankruptcy

It is a sad time for film lovers. Wall Street is a flutter with rumor that Kodak may soon file for bankruptcy. Those rumors indicate the film giant has hedged its bets on a “Hail Mary” that might save the company from Chapter 11–specifically, several billion dollars’ worth of patents–but that the company is prepping

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